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Brinsworth Training In The Spotlight!

11 May 2011

Sheffield Newspapers publication "The Star" have featured Brinsworth Training in their industry spotlight in the business pages released today (11.05.2011). The article by Business Editor Bob Rae highlights the investment and progression of the organisation over the last twelve months.


In the article, titled "Training to meet Modern Industry's Needs" Brinsworth are highlighted as a phoenix rising from the flames. The article continues "The Sheffield Road training company has been a key partner in initiatives spearheaded by leading manufacturing businesses like Newburgh Engineering, DavyMarkham and Firth Rixson to create advanced apprenticeships that meet the modern industry’s needs.



Pictured: Business Development Director - Paul Reeves


Based in what was once the control centre, changing room and canteen for British Steel’s Templeborough Melting Shop and the medical centre for Brinsworth Strip Mills, Brinsworth Training was, for many years, one of the region’s best kept secrets.


For a long time, the company relied on its reputation to keep the business rolling in, but, following major refurbishment, including the installation of new kit four years ago, the success of the advanced apprenticeships and cuts in engineering training capabilities elsewhere, the company sees opportunities to grow".


At the same time, Managing Director Mick Crossley can see a need for an underlying change in the UK’s approach to engineering training. He says the system is archaic and needs to change with the times to take account of employers’ needs and new technologies. “I’m not saying the basic skills are not needed, but we need to tailor them to the skills companies need because the technology has moved on so much in the last 20 years. If companies are to stay competitive they need to tailor apprenticeship programmes to their specific needs,” says Mr Crossley.


And that is another way in which Brinsworth Training is keeping ahead of the game.


To read the full article click here

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